Bio: I’m retired from hairdesign and teaching. I’m a painter at times when the spirit moves me. I’ve been a SCUBA and skin diver, amateur musician (made a little money in my youth with music). I have two Border Collies and we did sheep. With no formal training I built a 45ft off-shore sailboat. I like to tinker and all my life I’ve invented items but not until last year did I go for a patent. Many ideas of mine have come to fruition many years later by someone else. At the moment I have two reasons for getting into something. Six years ago I retired and turned my business over to my daughter (I broke the prime rule of business) and expected it to by my retirement income which it could easily accomplish. Anyways, my daughter trashed the business in less than three years and I couldn’t save it even though I thought I was going to die trying. I am virtually broke having lost the business, half my life savings and four fifths of my pension. I would like to make some money but I’m not counting on that happening but I do have some ideas that could make money and some that would at least benefit human kind. I would be somewhat more happy if I could do something of benefit for many and if not for money, at least some recognition by others and self-satisfaction for myself. Having been in business for ninety odd percent of my working life has resulted in my doing many things. To an extent I like to think of myself as a, ‘Lateral Thinker & Tinker’ this has often stood me in good stead. My interests lie mainly in mechanical mechanisms that might help save lives in plane crashes, help process customers in retail outlets and make it so much easier to bring rockets back from the planets and establish them in orbit without having to use fuel. I currently have about 61 ideas and concepts that would be of interest to, astronomers, physicists, consumers, blind and deaf people, sport enthusiasts, boaters, airlines, NASA and more. I have many things in mind that would need a wide range of expertise that have in some cases, deep pockets.

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