Hello World;

I’m sure in the broad sense you understand what objective means.  The dictionary has many words describing objective but where I’m coming from is: I want to hire staff, not a government to do what I want and not to put their spin on anything.  For instance Harper and his thugs (not an objective description I suppose) want to get tough on crime and will not in any way entertain the concept of legal injection sites or the legalisation of any street drugs or prostitution etc.  They weren’t specifically elected for this view but it is one taken on by them because of their moral and religious outlook on society.  This is why I think for a start, we must demand governments be secular.

I know most of you are a very devout believers and I think it would be better for you and the rest of us if the government was totally secular.  I say this not because I have a problem with religious dogma but because of how it might affect citizens with a different religious and moral outlook.  I don’t believe many Canadians would feel comfortable with an administration that had a strong or fundamentalist Muslim ideology or any other religion with very strong views.  Trudeau said that the government doesn’t have any business in the bedrooms of the nation and I say religion and personal principles have no business in the hallways of government.  A secular administration is the way for all of us to practice our own individual ideologies in peace with as little antagonism as possible.

I’ve often thought that democracy as we know it, isn’t working and it isn’t a good system; my hero, Winston Churchill when asked his opinion of democracy said, “It’s one of the worst but the best we have at present”.  With the advent of the internet and technology I can see where we could hire people to do what we want in the finest and most efficient manner.  We don’t need politicians; we need the paragons of business and all that is needed to administer this planet. They are in industry making more money than politicians can dream of.  We pay them to do what we want and the moment they start to screw up, they get fired and we hire the next one in the long line of very talented people who want to make big money.  I’ve always stated that we don’t pay enough to get good people.  You might say, “we the people are the directors of the company and you don’t get another term to screw up’.  Politicians work too hard at doing what they think will make them look good and get them re-elected without enough thought given to what is the best route to take.  This is why I say if we pay big bucks for intelligent people to tell us what the best way to go is, it is also in their interest that it is so or out they go.  Just think, we hire them on a contractual basis and if they can’t do the job properly they could be facing performance (or delivery) penalties just like any contractor that bids on a job.

I guess in a sense I want the country run by a company (ies) we hire and we as the shareholders dismiss anyone not following our wishes.  With technology becoming what it is, we would in effect all have our finger on the button.  This would be a step very much closer to democracy as all of our votes would count.  This would be proportional representation to a degree unheard of.

This is the bare bones of what I’m looking at.  We need solutions and action by designers that don’t have the next election to loose and worry about, only their jobs.

I know this is a pipe dream but there must be something better than what we have today.  As an environmentalist I don’t believe this planet will survive to a quality of life we can call acceptable by the way processes are going today.  My wife Peggy is so excited about our first Grand Child any day now but I’m depressed.  For over forty years now my views as an environmentalist on the world and the environment have had no effect on Peggy at all.  All Peggy can see is baby blankets, little booties, shawls and so on: you know what I see, number 7,000,000,000+1.  I’m concerned about the future and what it might hold for this little baby: we’ve had it too good, now the kids have to pay for our excesses and lack of care.


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